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Multi Featured
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Automate Everything
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Watch Basic Version Of SAM

A very first introduction of SAM

Watch the basic version of SAM introduced last year , in this video the SAM was in initial stage, but people loved it so much and Yeah we are presenting it finaly for you. Hope you'll like it .

Listen what Sam has message for you


See what makes SAM worth downloadiing

Creative Design

The ultimate design of SAM is what makes people attract towards it. The futuristic grahpics are inspired from sci-fi movies and which will make your desktop much cooler

Desktop Friendly

Sam is desktop friendly and can be installed easily on windows os. All you need is to go through the installer and finally run sam on single click

No Data Leaks

This is the foremost reason we made it . Sam gives complete control on your privacy and makes it completly secure unlike others AIs.
The software doesn't sends a single piece of data to our server for surveys and all,


Play Unlimited Song

Sam can play any song of your choice on your voice command. You don't need to download the song first. It will search in online library and play it for you like Alexa premium features

Play YouTube Videos

Play any YouTube or locally saved video on your voice command. Sam automatically searched best results and plays that video in best quality for you.

Play Radio Stations

Sam offers you to play radio station of your choice on your voice command. Also you can add new radio stations manually.

Ask Any Query

With Sam you can ask any questiona like logical, emotional, trivia, GS, GK.
ex: What's the current sensex and nifty status?

Send Emails and Recieve Notifications Live.

With Sam you can easily send and recieve emails notifications.

Send Facebook Messages and Recieve Notifications

Sam allows send and recieve facebook messages at your voice command. Also you can set auto reply by sam for new messages.

Ask More

Ask Sam some other queries like train current status and pnr status,coach positions. Also you can ask for NEWS Headlines

Face Identifications lock

This is one is for techy. You can train and set face identifications of multiple user for accessing sam

Set Alarms and Timer

Weather Notifications

System Status

Text Message Anyone

Other Automated Features


Take Screenshots


Voice Typing


Speak Mode


Voice Editorial Commands


Open WebBrowsers and Apps


Search Google,Wikipedia


Shutdown And Restart


Text Traslations To Multiple Languages


Weather Forecast 

Countdown For Sam Digital Assitant

NOTICE: On release date(30th) the app has be released randomly to registered users. Only few copy are be allowed in the first stage , later on the app will be released as per the feedback and (os) experience from users.

Sam Digital Assitant

2022/06/30 -For Release of Sam


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